2021 AIFST Virtual Summer School

The 2021 Summer school is now over - it was held on the 2/3 February 2021.

Thank you for making this event a great success

2021 AIFST Summer School - Virtual Event

Over the years,The AIFST Summer School has brought students together to engage in opportunities to learn, be inspired and promote individual research projects focusing on the food industry. In 2021, the AIFST Summer school will be held on February 2 & 3 as a virtual event for all students. The theme is Finding your Fit in the Food Science World and aims to teach students about the different stages of food manufacturing as well as provide tips for seeking jobs in the industry and more. 

Over the course of two days, attendees will:

    • Build their professional food industry network among their peers, industry and academia. 
    • Be exposed to food industry opportunities through industry guest speakers, who can provide insight and advice on prospective career paths. Speakers may also be able to reflect on their experiences with post-study in both research and industry. 
    • Build on current skills through workshops designed to challenge food science and technology knowledge and encourage critical and reflective thinking.
    • Gain opportunities to meet and talk with peers, academics and industry personnel with expertise and knowledge in different areas can even build lifelong connections.

CPD Points = 10

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