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1. Do Consumers trust blockchain technology?

Submitted by: Irma Dupris

2. Effect of high pressure processing on texture profile, digestibility and antioxidant properties of cooked Kimberley large Kabuli chickpeas

Submitted by: Prakar Chatur

3.Creating tasty and appealing vegetable-based products for children using sensory science

Submitted by: Janne Beelen

4. Variability in Food Allergen Labelling in Australia, prior to 2021

Submitted by: Helen Morris

5. Photo-oxidation of Orange Essential Oil - Combating green mould disease in citrus

Submitted by: Mohammad Rahman

6. In-vitro gastric digestion study of casein gel structure in H2O and D2O

Submitted by: Meltem Bayrak

7. Effect of photosensitization on the folate content in commercial strawberry cultivars

Submitted by: Shammy Sarwar

8. Utilizing extrusion technology to improve the bioavailability and bioactivities of phenolics in hempseed (Cannabis sativa L.) hull.

Submitted by: William Leonard

9. On improving the stability of binary protein-stabilised emulsions

Submitted by: Woojeong Kim

10. Effects of ulvan in diet-induced metabolic syndrome in rats

Submitted by: Jessica Pahl

11. The stability and sensory characteristics of fish oil-milkfat solid lipid particles in yoghurt

Submitted by: Mitra Nosratpour

12. How superfine grinding influences the physicochemical properties of whole-purple-wheat flour and the formed dough

Submitted by: Yingfen Jiang

13. Effects of legume peptides formed during in-vitro digestion on the bioaccessibility of fortified Fe and Zn 

Submitted by: Yianna Y. Zhang

14. Assessment of Biocomponents from Microalgae for Human Consumption

Submitted by: Rahul Harshath Elangovan

15. Is cold press juicing necessarily better than centrifugal juicing? Findings from bok choy (Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis)

Submitted by: Andrea Koo

16.Understanding Liking of Commercial Dairy Yoghurts compared to Plant-based Substitutes using Focus Groups and Sensory Testing

Submitted by: Mitali Gupta

17. Development of functional food ingredient from banana inflorescence

Submitted By: Nuwanthi Senevirathna

18. Development of Savoury Nutrient Bar

Submitted by: Jasmine Petikirige

19 Effects of drying process on the quality of dehydrated pineapple

Submitted by: Jasmine Petikirige

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