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NZOZ 2022 Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium

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This event has now concluded. Thank you for your support and attendance.

The 16th NZOZ Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium was designed to provide new inspiration and knowledge for sensory and consumer professionals.

In 2022, we were excited to announce that, for the first time, we will also invite our colleagues from the Asian Sensory Network to participate in our symposium.

The Symposium was virtual, hosted by QAAFI, The University of Queensland on 15th, 16th, 17th February 2022.

The Symposium was an excellent platform for New Zealand, Australian and Asian sensory and consumer researchers and professionals to:

  • Interact with international science leaders in this field
  • Learn about the latest developments in research methods
  • Network and exchange ideas

We enjoyed a full program of speakers and poster presentations.  We encourage everyone to participate, including students. 

If you are interested in purchasing the recording links for this event please contact

NZOZ 2022 Program and Abstracts book

The NZOZ Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium organising committee are proud to announce that Dr Sara R Jaeger, A/Prof Sujinda Sriwattana and Dr. John Ennis will be our keynote speakers for the 2022 Symposium.


Dr Sara R Jaeger

Presentation title: The transition to plant-based foods and beverages: consumer insights based on empirical research

Dr Sara R Jaeger leads the Sensory and Consumer Insights Team at Plant and Food Research in New Zealand. In this role she has over the past decade supported New Zealand agri-food industries in pursuit of a greater consumer-focused orientation. Alongside this work, Sara is focused on development and implementation of novel methods for sensory and consumer research. She regularly publishes the team's work and presents it at international conferences. She currently serves as editor for Food Quality and Preference.

A/Prof Sujinda Sriwattana

Presentation title: Using sensory evaluation in the development of reduced sodium foods: Case studies

A/Prof Sujinda Sriwattana is a member of the Asian Sensory Network and Dean of the Faculty of Agro-Industry, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, and Chairman of the Curriculum Committee for the Higher Research Degree program in Agro-Industrial Product Development.  Her research interests include sensory science and consumer research, value-added food product development and functional ingredients.  Currently, A/Prof Sriwattana is working on texture and flavour development of plant-based meats, value-addition to raw agricultural materials and developing technologies to up-scale pilot plant processes for food industry applications to modernise the food industry in Thailand. 

Dr. John Ennis

Presentation title: Sensory Science and Emerging Technologies

Dr. John Ennis is co-founder and president of Aigora, a consulting firm dedicated to helping sensory and consumer science teams prepare for artificial intelligence. Dr. Ennis, a Ph.D. mathematician who conducted his postdoctoral training in computational neuroscience, has more than a dozen years of sensory and consumer science consulting experience. Dr. Ennis is the author of over 40 peer-reviewed publications and two books, is the chair-elect of the ASTM E18 “Sensory Evaluation Group,” serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Sensory Studies and Food Quality and Preference, and is the 2013 winner of the Food Quality and Preference “Researcher of the Future” award.

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