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Andrew Scholz - FAIFST
Food Processing Specialists Pty Ltd
+61 427 831 321
13 Watervale Dr, Green Fields SA 5107

Andrew has over 35 years of knowledge in the Food Industry and having worked as a consultant for over 16 years in a broad range of sites - nationally and internationally. Andrew assists clients and provides quality solutions using the following skills:

  • A proven record of high concern for quality - doing things right
  • A high level of analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • An established record of delivering results to a broad client base
  • Highly regarded as a third-party auditor and advisor to sign-off on new installations and commissioning projects
  • Process Authority for DAFF, NS MPI, and US FDA 
  • An exceptional ability to assess and manage priorities to ensure timely delivery of outcomes.

Our team at Food Processing Specialists specialise in:

  • Product development from conception to commercialisation 
  • Contract manufacturing including ready meals tray line, pouch line and thermo form line achieving extended shelf life chilled.
  • Short run and high-end contract manufacturing. 
  • Shelf life evaluation and factory trials- specialises in meat, seafood, vegetables, ready meals and baby food. 
  • Factory design and layout Production
  • QA and Food Safety Systems
  • Thermal Processing, retorting and process control
  • Training including Retort Supervisors and Process Control School
  • Packaging supply and advice

Juraj Durco
(03) 9872 3287
P.O. Box 343, Vermont VIC 3133

Food Professional Advisers for Food and Agribusiness Industry Partners FAPIC develops and optimises product offerings from clients to identify and confirm products and services meet consumer needs. The 8P approach is a process that examines all the criteria needed for a successful product launch. It examines the channel, the product, people and process to make sure the end to end procedures will be delivered.

        • Helping Food Industry Partners to become more profitable, innovative, productive and competitive
        • Provides expertise to save time and money in non-productive activities
        • Manages the whole project
        • Provides expertise outside of company politics & friendships
        • Uses and promotes World Best Practices
        • Building the capability to ensure successful completion
        • Have skilled resources with Specialties
        • Food Application, Food Productivity, Food Innovation, Food Commercialisation, Food Safety and Quality, Food Process, Food Manufacturing
        • Food Production, Product Development, Portfolio Optimisation, Cost Reduction, 8P Model - Framework for commercialisation
        • Product Development and Quality Management Software.

Neil Scrimgeour

Australian Wine Research Institute

08 8313 0892

AWRI Commercial Services offers a wide range of services to food and beverage producers and suppliers on a fee-for-service basis. This includes:

  • Multi-purpose analytical laboratory

  • State-of-the-art trace analysis laboratory

  • Technical consulting and project management

  • Sensory evaluation services

Our NATA-accredited (ISO 17025) analytical laboratories provide a wide range of advanced analyses, as well as exportation certificate testing, fault and taint diagnosis, allergen testing and microbiological analysis.

Our trace analysis laboratory provides high value, high utility analytical services measuring compounds present at extremely low (below sensory threshold) concentrations, including agrochemical testing, identification and quantification of agricultural toxins and analysis of aroma, flavour and taint compounds.

We also have a team of experienced process engineers, microbiologists and chemists skilled at developing customised solutions for a range of technical challenges. The consulting services include Lean and continuous improvement auditing,  proof of performance trials, packaging evaluation and auditing and environmental footprint assessments.

Our sensory services are delivered through a panel of highly trained expert tasters, using state-of-the-art facilities. We offer detailed quantitative descriptive analysis, as well as difference testing and consumer preference assessments.

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