AIFST21 Conference: Food Science - delivering in a changing world

NEW DATES 11, 12, 19 & 21 OCTOBER  2021


The AIFST21 Convention will now be held as a virtual event over four days in October.

Largely through the effects of the global pandemic, the last 12 months has seen tremendous changes in our way of life, way of working and way of thinking. This year’s Convention picks up on this theme, with a focus on some of the challenges and opportunities presented to food science and the food industry in a world where “change” can seem to be the only constant.

Over four days, AIFST21 will feature more than 65 speakers, drawn from diverse backgrounds in food science, food technology and the food industry, as well as allied fields such as agriculture, human nutrition and marketing.

Food safety features strongly in the program, including sessions on allergens, updates on global and local microbiological food safety concerns, traceability systems and new analytical technologies. Advances in nutrition will also be covered, including aspects related to food processing, nutraceuticals, and mental health. A session on consumer and sensory science will be presented by the AIFST Special Interest group in this field.

The sustainability and resilience of food systems will be examined through contrasting lenses that represent different points along the food supply chain. These include new and emerging food crops, cellular agriculture, fermentation systems, waste valorisation, packaging technologies and case studies in innovative processing.

Please join us in October for this long-anticipated event to grow, learn and connect.

Please click below to watch a short video on the convention.


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